Beta Team (2017)

Thanks for your interest in becoming a RaveAid promoter.
We are a team of people who love music and the EDM lifestyle.
As a team member, you will share with your friends the benefits of RaveAid and teach them to be safe when dancing their ass off!

How Does It Work?


Share your promo code with your friends and give them a 15% discount.

That's it!

(We also give you your own unique link but a promo code is easier)

2 Ways To Earn

1. 25% Commission

Earn a commission on every time someone makes a purchase with your discount code or link.

2. 10% Recruiter Commission

We like to think of it like a team. You're the coach and your recruits are players.
Invite a friend to join your team and become a promoter.
If your player makes a sale, they get 25% and you get 10%!
It's a WIN-WIN!
You make money doing nothing!

You don't even have to promote. Just Recruit!


Sign up now and join the Beta Team!
Limited space available...

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*The Beta Team ends in 2018.  Commissions will be reduced after Beta team.*