"RaveAid, the first multivitamin designed to stave off the ill effects of a night of raving."

-Tessa Stuart, LA Weekly


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Proactive Protection & Complete Restoration

RaveAid’s formula is scientifically designed to be effective under the intense physical and mental stimulation that can occur at electronic dance music events. It protects brain cells and boosts natural vitality to prevent the negative symptoms of raving.*


RaveAid Used By Millions Of People

What Is RaveAid?

RaveAid is a one-stop protection and recovery powerhouse that has achieved incredible results for millions of customers. Featuring a scientifically backed formula, you can recover faster and avoid the comedown feeling by restoring essential nutrients needed by your brain and body.* >> Learn More

How It Works

Select ingredients increase serotonin production to prevent depletion and reduce comedowns.  Antioxidants work together to eliminate harmful free radicals and promote rapid recovery.  Vitamins and minerals naturally increase energy, boost the immune system, and minimize muscle cramping or jaw clenching.* >> Learn More