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"All throughout the festival we had so much energy & by day 3 we weren't even tired!"

— Anna K.


"Rave Aid helped SO much. I totally recommend!"

— Emily F.


"I would definitely recommend this to anyone what is trying to avoid any and all symptoms of come down that you would usually encounter after rolling."

— Robert S.

The Problem

The dehydrating effects of alcohol, not the alcohol itself, cause the most hangover symptoms. The effects of raving are similar but worse, since your brian chemistry is out of wack. When you go hard, you face dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, stomach issues, and will have trouble sleeping. If only there was a cure!

The Solution

RaveAid has helped over 100,000 people feel better the day after going hard. Our formulation is like no other- high-quality ingredients work together to restore your brains chemistry, reduce comedowns, flush out toxins, and more. So if you want to go hard and feel good about it, then use RaveAid. The #1 hangover cure and rave recovery supplement since 2011!

Why RaveAid?

Flush toxins and boost recovery with B Vitamins

Minimize jaw clenching through magnesium

Restore serotonin levels with 5-HTP