10 Tips for Choosing Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

10 Tips for Choosing Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you’re looking to cut down on calories for weight loss reasons or just trying to be a little bit healthier, you might be looking for some healthier options when it comes to consuming your happy hour drinks. We get it. While some think there’s no point in trying to cut the calories if you’re going for a night on the town, our tips for choosing healthier alcohol drinks can actually save you hundreds of calories a night without making you feel guilty the next morning. We’re going to take you through our top 10 tips for choosing healthy alcoholic drinks and why you might want to try them out.

1. Try a mojito

Are you a rum and Coke drinker? Consider asking for a mojito instead. Although the classic rum and Coke is ever so delicious, a mojito can be just as satisfying and it’s definitely better for you. While Coke is high in both calories and sugar, a mojito cuts those in half with its tasty mix of seltzer, lime, mint and simple syrup – just be careful how much of the simple syrup the bartender is trying to sneak in there. Either ask for just a little or consider cutting the simple syrup altogether and ask for extra mint instead. 

2. Opt for a vodka soda over a vodka tonic

No, seltzer and tonic are not the same drink – there is a definite difference. Substituting seltzer for any sugary mix is a sure way to both save yourself calories and cut out a whole lot of sugar. In fact, per eight ounces, the tonic mix used in a vodka tonic adds 80 extra calories to your drink from sugar alone. A vodka tonic generally runs you about 175 calories. A vodka soda? About 106 calories.

3. Have a glass of red wine

While we can’t say that wine is good for you if you’re drinking it in excess, but it does have some health benefits. There have been numerous studies reporting that red wine is good for your heart. This is because red wine contains polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin, which have all been proven to be beneficial to heart health. Resveratrol in particular also helps prevent osteoporosis and research shows that red wine has both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Although white wine isn’t without any health benefits of its own, if you’re choose wine for its health benefits, red is the way to go!   

4. Champagne, anyone? 

Not everybody is a fan of red wine. If you’re a white wine drinker, opt for a glass of champagne instead. Champagne generally has fewer calories than red wine and still includes antioxidants. Not only that but there has been a link to drinking champagne and preventing Alzheimer’ plus it can improve the quality of your skin. That sounds like a good enough reason to make the switch from white wine to me! You can also opt for a mimosa by mixing your champagne with orange or another pure juice to add a few more nutritional benefits to it and a lot of flavor. 

5. Stay away from Long Island iced teas (and try a Cosmopolitan)

Long Island iced teas

Sure, Long Island iced teas are tasty but with the amount of different types of alcohol in them (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec) plus the addition of Coke, the average Long Island iced tea has around 425 calories per drink. Imagine how many calories you’d rack up if you were drinking these all night! For the number of calories in one Long Island iced tea, you could have four Cosmopolitans which are equally tasty and have much fewer calories at around 100 per 250 ml drink.

6. Consider a black Russian over a white Russian

While the white Russian is certainly a go-to for someone who likes creamy, sweet, coffee flavored drinks, it’s generally not for those who are looking to cut fat or calories. The black Russian is a more sensible choice if you’re looking to be a little bit healthier. It’s made with vodka and coffee liqueur while the white Russian is made with Kahlua or cream, both of which are high in fat and calories.

7. Neat or on the rocks?

Yes, having your favorite spirit or liqueur neat isn’t for everyone but if you are a whiskey, gin, rum, or tequila drinker, this is certainly a way to go if you want to save on calories. The majority of the calories in alcoholic drinks tend to come from their mixers. A good alternative to this is mixing your spirit with a little soda and adding some lime. Although healthwise, diet pop is not a good idea, calorie wise it will certainly save you a significant amount throughout the night.

8. Have yourself a Guinness

Guinness is known for being a heavier beer due to its taste but that’s actually not true when it comes to calories. Believe it or not, Guinness tends to have less calories than a lot of your favorite beers and definitely less than most lagers. Along with its calorie count being on the lower side, it is also known for its high iron content. Guiness contains antioxidants that are not found in most other beers and may help to promote bone density.

9. Mix your vodka with cranberry juice

Vodka with cranberry juice has about 70 calories, the same number as when you use your favorite diet pop as a mixer. But cranberry juice is definitely better for you. There are many benefits to drinking cranberry juice in general, including fighting off urinary tract infections and supporting heart and digestive health. Plus, it’s seriously tasty!

We hope we’ve at least made you think twice about your go-to drink when you’re out on the town. If you’re really looking to minimize the impact that a night of drinking can have on your health and body, try our RaveAid Dietary Supplements before and after your big night out. Your body will thank you for it, and your ability to function at your Monday morning meeting will be a huge plus!
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