How To Eat Sleep Rave Repeat… You Need Rest and Recovery Formula

How To Eat Sleep Rave Repeat… You Need Rest and Recovery Formula

While the raving community prides itself on PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) and sometimes PLURR (Peace, Love Unity, Respect, Responsibility), some might argue the need for PLURRRR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility, Rest, and Recovery). Phew! Reading all of that may have been more exhausting than your last rave. But it’s true!

The rave lifestyle demands a recovery period, because we are, after all, only human. And while the idea of dancing the night away until the wee hours of the morning sounds like a whole lot of fun, it also sounds like a whole lot of missed work, too.

And without that steady paycheck, who can afford to shop for proper rave attire?

If you’re an experienced raver, you know the toll it can take on your body, and chances are you have devised your own muscle recovery formula. After all, raving is like an extreme form of exercise, and after you exercise, you know you need that post-workout nutrition! Maybe that means you are in line at the local coffee shop on Monday mornings ordering a high-octane jolt of java, or maybe you conveniently “work from home” most Mondays after negotiating a deal with your boss (who has yet to catch on to the fact that you don’t answer e-mails until 5 p.m. most Mondays).

The bottom line is the rave lifestyle demands rest. You’re burning a ton of calories at raves, and you need some restful sleep as well as recovery supplements (preferably with lots of electrolytes) to balance out that physical activity. The same time and attention paid to your rave attire and your rave kandi should be given to your recovery plan as well! Now“planning” doesn’t have to mean abandoning the free-spiritedness associated with rave culture: just think of it as a bit of yin and yang. These things complement each other, rather than working against each other. Recovering properly from a rave ensures you’re ready for the next one!

Preventative Measures: Getting Ready to Rave

The single best thing you can do before a rave or festival is HYDRATE. Drink water like it’s your job, and even when you think you have had enough, go ahead and pour another glass. Trust us: your body will thank you for it.

Drink water like it’s your job

And speaking of liquids, skip the caffeine. While it’s tempting to go for that energy drink or your favorite iced coffee, especially because you are already feeling energized and excited about the event, the after-effects of too much caffeine (like stress, dehydration, and fatigue) can be especially unpleasant if combined with a rave hangover. Rather than increase your chances of a throbbing day-after headache, avoid caffeine to reduce those chances.

And of course you should always make a plan before the rave for getting home safely so you can get the rest you need. The end of a rave or festival is no time to discover you have no ride! Experienced ravers know that a “rave buddy” is an invaluable part of the plan. Be sure you have someone looking out for you (and vice versa) so that no raver is left behind.  Whether you are headed home to the comfort of your own bed, or if you’ve booked a hotel room or Air BnB at an out-of-town event, you need no obstacles when it comes to getting to that bed!

The Rave Recovery Formula: How to Get Your Body Back on Track

Nothing is more important in terms of recovery than adequate rest, so be sure you have carved out enough time to get it. Signing up for a 12-hour shift at work after a weekend of festival-going is ill advised. You’d be better off to use vacation time if you have it and build in a day of rest.

Plan on eating something green! Whether that’s leafy vegetables, a smoothie, or a salad, your body will thank you for it. Festival-goers have an increasing variety when it comes to food choices, but let’s face it: there is also the temptation to go for the unhealthy choices when enjoying a weekend of fun and friends. Plus, there is also the strong possibility that when caught up in the music you will be tempted to skip food altogether! Your recovery period will be much easier if you opt for some fresh, healthy choices in your diet. Combined with LOTS more water, of course!

For those who can indulge in such luxuries, you might consider booking a post-rave massage, which will be a soothing and relaxing treat for your worn-out body!

RAVEAID as Part of Your Recovery Formula

Here’s a secret many experienced ravers know: your recovery will be a whole lot easier with RAVEAID. This powerful combination of vitamins and minerals is designed to help your brain and body recover from the after-effects of raves and festivals, and once you try it, you will surely make it a part of your recovery plan going forward!

Here’s what makes RAVEAID the best recovery formula around:

  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant that boosts the immune system
  • Vitamin E: supports a healthy heart, muscles, and nerves
  • Vitamin B3: aids in removing toxins from the body
  • Vitamin B6: increases energy and mental focus
  • Magnesium: minimizes jaw clenching and muscle cramping
  • 5-HTTP: increases serotonin to improve sleep quality
  • Carnitine: helps maintain brain health and a positive mood
  • Alpha-Lipoic-Acid: detoxifies the liver
  • Coenzyme Q10: an antioxidant for brain activity

You probably feel better and more energized just by reading that list! RAVEAID is sure you’ll feel better when you include their product in your recovery plan, so much so that they back it with a guaranteed refund if you are not satisfied.

By taking RAVEAID both before and after a rave or festival, you will give your body the boost it needs to recover quickly, so you can get right back to work and—better yet—that paycheck you need for the next big event.
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