RA Presents: The Essential Pack – January 2013

On the last Friday of every month, RaveAid will be bringing together the hottest, new releases all in one place… We’re launching our “Essential Pack” series with one HUGE playlist composed of this January’s best tracks to kick start your weekend with the boost it needs! Along with your much needed RaveAid of course  We hope you enjoy our selection ranging from uplifting trance and progressive house, to twerk-inducing trap and face-crushing electro.
We did our best to include as many genres and artists as possible, hopefully we didn’t overlook any gems… Be sure to tweet us your favorite new tunes as you discover them, we might just include them in our Essentials Pack! Enjoy :). This is meant to help you rave on!

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Be sure to support these amazing artists as well Have a great weekend! Rave responsibly.

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