6 Symptoms that a Hangover Drink Can Cure

6 Symptoms that a Hangover Drink Can Cure

Have you ever been lying in bed the morning after a night out and wondered what you possibly did to deserve the hangover from hell? Like, you’re a nice person, there’s no reason why your head should be pounding in your ears and that you’re about to be sick all over your freshly washed sheets. Just when you completely give up hope that you’ll ever feel normal again, you remember that you have a freshly prepared hangover drink in your fridge that you made last night in anticipation of this and your faith in humanity (and yourself) is restored. While this may not be exactly how it happens, hangover drinks can be a real solution to your post-night out blues. We’re going to take you through 6 common symptoms of a hangover that the right drink can cure or, at the very least, take the edge off of.

1. Headaches

Staying hydrated is the most important thing when it comes to preventing or treating that nasty hangover headache. Headaches after drinking are caused by dehydration and dilating blood vessels which are both caused by consuming alcohol. Hydrating with a hangover drink or smoothie can help restore hydration fast, especially when you add electrolytes and just the right amount of sugar. Ideally, you would have been hydrating all night long between drinks to begin with but we’re not here to give you a lecture on how to do you when it comes to partying. Adding magnesium in a hangover drink can also help to increase hydration, giving your chances of quick recovery that extra boost.

2. Nausea

Whether you feel like putting anything into your body or not when you’re nauseous, certain things can help to cure residual nausea as a result of a hangover. Whether you’re putting them in a smoothie or they’re already included in your hangover drink of choice, avoiding putting nutrition into your body is not the answer. Some foods that you can put into a smoothie that are known for their nausea curbing abilities are apples, ginger, bananas, fresh mint, pears, and lemon. If you’re consuming a hangover drink that already contains added vitamins, consider looking for one that contains prickly pear extract. Prickly pear extract has been a long known and trusted hangover cure, although there has been no conclusive evidence to back this up. However, many people swear by it for nausea and it may also help to reduce liver inflammation.

3. Dry mouth

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is another highly unpleasant side effect of a night of partying, especially when you wake up after a few hours of sleep feeling absolutely parched. Dry mouth is primarily due to, you guessed it, dehydration. Therefore, it makes sense that a hangover drink would help cure dry mouth, especially when it contains added electrolytes and/or magnesium as mentioned above. The addition of a vitamin B complex and vitamin C can also help reduce dry mouth as drinking causes a deficiency of these essential vitamins which could be contributing to your feeling parched. If you do have dry mouth, avoid any supposed hangover cures that contain caffeine as this will only make dehydration worse.

4. Shakiness

A common symptom of having too much to drink is feeling exceptionally shaky. With a severe hangover, you may not even be able to raise your hand without it shaking. Alcohol can cause your blood sugar to fall which could have dangerous consequences. As a result of excessive alcohol consumption, the liver can struggle to release glucose into the bloodstream because it’s so busy having to deal with more alcohol than it can manage. Hangover drinks usually contain just the right amount of sugar to raise your blood sugar to keep it regulated.

5. Fatigue

Fatigue can be at the forefront of your hangover symptoms and can really get in the way when you’re trying to have a productive rest of your weekend instead of having to sleep it away. Hangover drinks are meant to give you energy in a natural way, without the addition of caffeine which can make other hangover symptoms worse. So, as much as you may not want to, avoid coffee as your hangover drink of choice. There are foods that can be thrown into an easy smoothie to cure your fatigue without the use of caffeine, including carrots, chia seeds, and apples. The addition of certain vitamins, including magnesium and taurine, can help, too.

6. Anxiety

You may experience a spike in anxiety after a night of drinking. This is because your brain experienced an increase in serotonin production when you started drinking only to quickly have it fall and deplete. Certain hangover drinks contain 5-HTP, an amino acid that naturally increases serotonin production. Certain foods can also increase your serotonin production and some can easily be thrown into a smoothie. These include spinach, seeds, milk, soy products, and pineapple.

What else can help cure my hangover symptoms?

If you’re looking for an extra pick me up to banish hangover symptoms – you know, before they derail and take over the entire city --  consider taking a dietary supplement like RaveAid. RaveAid is scientifically formulated to help promote fast recovery after a night of partying and help keep your hangover symptoms to a minimum. RaveAid can also be taken as a preventative measure which may keep your hangover from occurring altogether. This dietary supplement contains many of the valuable vitamins listed above, including vitamins B3, B6, C, and E, as well as 5-HTP and magnesium.

We would definitely recommend hangover drinks as part of your recovery plan after a late night out on the town. Hydrating after consuming alcohol could not be more important and a hangover drink can quickly restore hydration while also providing valuable vitamins and nutrients. When combined with a dietary supplement like Raveaid, your nasty hangover symptoms should disappear.
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