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Come Down from a High -

Okay, we’ve all experienced it. (Well, okay, those of us who have been high have experienced it.) Marijuana is more legal than it’s ever been and odds are you’ve used it in one form or another. But what do you do when you need to come down from a high? You may have gotten too high or higher than you expected. This can happen for a few reasons. You may have only smoked marijuana a few times. Maybe you tried a higher THC strain than you’re used to or you’ve had edibles that were more potent than what you’ve had in the past. Either way, it hit you harder than expected. Not everyone likes the feeling of being too high. Some people want to try to come down before the effects wear off naturally. While you can’t sober up with the snap of your fingers, here are our eight pro tips on how to chill out until you naturally come down.

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