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RaveAid was inspired back in 2010.

It was at Coachella 2010, a group of friends were preparing and pre-gaming for an incredible day. They were all taking 6 to 12 vitamins to help increase energy, improve recovery, and counteract the liver damage, brain damage, comedowns, and hangovers after every night.

After reading through multiple online forums, our founder discovered that it wasn't just his friends doing this, but many other veteran festival goers. From that moment, it sparked an idea to create a multivitamin that would help others protect their bodies and recover faster with the convenience of taking only one product.

After researching for the most effective ingredients and worked with scientists and blending experts at several nutritional-supplement manufacturers to refine the formula. In 2011, RaveAid was started.

Since then, RaveAid has been aiding millions of people, and is sold in over 32 countries around the world.

The mission of the RaveAid Team is educate people on the harmful effects that occur every night when they go to a club or music festival. We want to be the source that everyone goes to for knowledge and protection.

We here at Raveaid, work hard and play hard.

Order your single, 2-pack, or 3-pack of RaveAid today and join us at music festivals around the world, such as Coachella, EDC, Ultra, and Tomorrowland.


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"Rave Responsibly!"

Team RaveAid